Thursday, 15 November 2012 - do they actually accept books? is like but seemingly accept books as well as CDs, DVDs and games. Great! You may think. Finally a chance to get rid of all those old paperbacks on the shelf gathering dust? My advice would be: don't bother.

I tired 15 books ranging in type from paperback novels through to travel to sociology to music books. All except 2 were rejected as they weren't interested in them. Of the 2 that were accepted, they were willing to offer a total of 50p for them.

I also tried a few CDs and in general they would offer less than

I gave up after a while as there is a minimum requirement for the value of books, etc... until you can send. This is £10 and at the rate I was going I probably wouldn't have got there.

The site says it accepts 20% of all barcoded books but from my experience and the trial I did, it seems to be alot less.

I'd suggest not wasting your time and energy on this one.


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