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Swagbucks Overview

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There are a wealth of sites available now that offer rewards for clicking on pages, searching the web, entering contests, purchasing online, watching videos, surveys and other tasks and other ways to earn. Of the many that I have tried, far and away the best, and the least waste of time, is Swagbucks. Within a month of using the site I have genuinely already received 5 x £5 Amazon vouchers and this is through light use and not making a single online purchase.

The set up is straightforward and using the site incredibly simple. You need to give basic personal details to set up an account including an email address. For this I set up a new address to use in anticipation of the huge amounts of spam I would invariably receive. To my surprise, this hasn't actually been too bad and is mostly limited to emails from sites I've signed up to.

The site is fun and enjoyable to use. Other similar sites can be quite bland and usually functional and plain. Not so with Swagbucks - this is lively and entertaining and makes the site fun to use. There is a menu at the top of the screen with dropdown options for how to navigate through the pages. This includes different pages for ways to earn (which I'll come to later), setting options and other menus such as referral choices. On the home page you will find news updates and direct links to some choice new earning activities, often a link to a video to watch. Alongside this is your progress meter for how many points you've earned in a day.

In Swagbucks, you don't earn money but Swagbucks that are points that can be redeemed for prizes that include goods such as video game consoles or vouchers for retailers such as Amazon or even cash through Paypal but for the latter the exchange rate of SB to $ is worse.

Each Swagbuck is worth $0.01 (or £0.0059) based on the exchange rate for Amazon and many other vouchers they have on offer. These come in a minimum quantity of $5 or £5 (849 SB) depending on the territory you are in. Paypal pays slightly less at one Swagbuck being worth £0.0048 and again pay at a minimum of £5.

Racking up points is easy and can quickly be done by the following methods.


Simply by searching the internet through their site or though their customised toolbar, you can earn Swagbucks. By using the latter, you automatically earn 1sb each day by opening your browser. The search engine is pretty good although not quite as comprehensive as Google in terms of the searching options (e.g can't search by 'shopping') but for simple word searches it works well. I have found that on occasion the search result page won't load and gives an error message. This aside, it works fine.
On average you can earn from about 3 searches per day if you use the engine for genuine searches. I don't think these are necessarily based on specific search words but are more arbitrary. Earnings per search are usually 7-10sb but can on occasion reach into the 20's or even 30… on very special occasions, even higher. There seems no rhyme or reason to it so better not to try and second-guess or tactically search. Genuine searches will earn you bucks.

Watching Videos

This can be done 2 ways: watching TV clips on various subjects from entertainment to comedy to news items, or watching ads. The former isn't that lucrative - you need to watch in their entirety 10 clips to earn 3sb. These clips can range in length from 0:30 to a few minutes. Often they'll have a commercial before them too. It's a slow earner but can be watched in the background whilst doing something else. Be warned though, there is a limit to the number you can watch and any too frequent viewing might alert Swagbucks to become suspicious that you are a robot and your account could be closed.
More lucrative is watching commercials. I have found that there is usually 10-15 per day earning 1-2sb each in most cases, occasionally more. These videos can be found on the home page but also in the special offers section (more on that to follow) so it's worth checking both. Some ads can be as short as 0:20 but others 4 mins plus. Again they need to be watched in their entirety to earn (although sometimes it can credit a little before the end).

Daily Poll and NOSO

These are really easy ways to earn. By giving your opinion in the single question daily poll you can earn 1sb. NOSO just requires you to click through some offers to the end and you'll earn 2sb. An easy no brainer!

Special Offers

This is a section where marketing companies offer various ways of making more Swagbucks. These often involve signing up for a competition or something 'free'. These can earn often 20-30sb each so a good little earner but be warned, in exchange you are giving away your personal details. I have found that I've not been swamped by junk emails, junk mail or calls as much as I would have thought but am still wary. I don't do ones requiring a mobile number but am considering getting a free SIM card and putting it in an old phone and giving that number. I have also set up a specific junk email account, which I think is worthwhile. As yet, I haven't received anything unwanted through the post. It's more the fact that you are giving away personal data that would concern me but if you're happy to do this, then you can earn considerably.

Also in this section are other ways to earn that often include downloading a free bit of software or adding something to your Facebook account. Similar to the above, I have set up a specific Facebook account purely for this purpose. It generally works fine although some require you to have a minimum number of friends for it to work. 
Surveys are a big part of the special offers with many available through each company. These again range in length and earning but will discuss surveys more later.

Finally there are purchase offers that work like most other cashback sites although rather than cash you get points you can exchange for prizes.


If you like surveys, you'll love Swagbucks as there is a plethora available ranging in earnings and length - the lowest paying start at around 20sb but go to 70sb or occasionally even higher. There is also the Swagbucks daily survey that you get invited to participate in which earns a flat 70sb for each completed.

Surveys I find are a blessing and a curse. When they work and are quick, they're a great earner. The main problem is the number that reject you after you've already answered a number of questions because you don't fit the criteria. I'm eternally suspicious of this and would love to see stats as to whether the answers you give before rejection get used for anything. Occasionally it feels like a scam because you get rejected from so many but if you are willing to persevere, one will eventually accept you. I take issue with it on principle, but occasionally do them and they can earn you some quick bucks!


Swagbucks has a huge amount of games available and by playing them you can also earn nominal bucks. I’ve found this takes a lot of effort for little reward but if you’re bored and like playing games it’s probably worthwhile but you’ll only accumulate a handful.

Daily Goal Meter

Swagbucks likes to reward loyal users and to that end they have introduced the daily meter. This offers you a bonus if you reach a certain goal of swagbucks in a day – the bonus is usually around 10% and the target is often manageable ranging from 40-100+.


Most days, Swagbucks will publish online somewhere a code that can be redeemed for bucks. This is often through their Twitter or Facebook but there are also sites that publish them too. They usually have a time limit and can be territory restricted but get there in time and they can earn you 4-9sb each time on average.


As with all these kinds of sites, you can also earn through referring friends – send them an invite and if they join and participate you can earn equal of their earnings up to 1000 SB.

I have tried and tested many of these sites and this is by and far the best of the bunch for ease of earning and entertainment. As mentioned at the beginning, within the first month I cashed out 5 times with £5 Amazon vouchers each time (bare in mind they limit cash out of the same item to 5 per month). The voucher came through within a week on each occasion and I’ve experienced few issues. On occasion I have submitted a task and it has not registered but I have found these to be few and far between and in the majority Swagbucks get credited within minutes of completing something.

As with all of these things, it will never substitute a full time job but for a little extra and for a bit of fun, it’s definitely worthwhile and one I can highly recommend.

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