Friday, 16 November 2012

clixsense - at this rate I'll be able to cashout in May 2013!

You'll all probably familiar with various PTC sites and members of a few yourselves. I've never really got into them but for the purposes of research for this blog I thought I'd start giving them a go. First one I'm trying in clixsense as it seems to be highly regarded by people online - this high regard usually comes with a referral link so I'm going to regard most of these recommendations as dubious. Judging by my first week using the site, referral fees might be the only way to make any actual money on this site.

1 week in clicking on the 'high' earners each day (I'm not going to even entertain those that will earn me 0.1 US cents) and my account is at a whopping US$0.36!!! Bare in mind that you need to be on a US$0.01 page for 30 seconds so this accumulation has cost me 18 minutes this week. Note that with Clixsense you must have the page open for that length of time and any deviation means that the timer stops - i.e you can't open another window in your browser or even look at any other program on your computer.

Is this really a good use of time and energy for a grown man? I'd categorically say that it is not. At this rate, I will hit the US$8.00 cashout limit by May 2013!

Surely there are faster ways to earn online? For now, this is one I'd recommend leaving alone unless you are really desperate. The fact that you can't run the page loading in the background limits you as you can't even do anything else online at the same time unlike many other sites.

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