Friday 16 November 2012

Dooyoo Review

Dooyoo is a site where you can write a review on a huge number of different things and get paid for your opinion. The premise is simple: find something you want to review, check if it is already on the Dooyoo database, if it is, review it, if it's not, see if you can suggest and add it. Income is tiered depending on what you write about. Certain products command the biggest fees such as electronics and banking - the highest is 600 points for a review (in English money that's £0.60 of her majesty's finest - 10 points equals a penny) and the lowest 100 points (£0.10 in real money). In addition, you earn from each members rating of your article above a certain criteria (range goes from not useful to very useful and anything over useful earns). Again, this is tiered based on the category of product ranging from 20 points down to 10 points. How much each category earns can be found on the site-map so you can know what you'll make before you review something. Reviews must be of good quality, informative and original and over 150 words in length.
Using the site is very simple and straightforward. It works like a community. You need to open a free account and sign up to be part of the community and the key to success is being an active community member. Anyone intent on coming here and quickly penning 150 words of rubbish just to earn will quickly be found out and ostracized. The community are a ruthless bunch and won't accept or allow people obviously in it for a quick buck. You earn, yes, but in that majority people on the site care about what they do and won't abide by those abusing it... myself included. You have been warned!
Keeping people on side is also important as their ratings can really add to your earnings. Again, being a team player counts for a lot. If you don't rate and read other members reviews then don't expect many in return.

Dooyoo can pay by Amazon voucher, cheque or PayPal. You need to amass 20,000 points to get a £20 voucher which is the minimum payout offered (other than charity contributions that can be any amount). For cheque or PayPal, the minimum is a huge 50,000 points which will take a while to accumulate unless you are dedicated.

Writing exceptional quality can also be rewarded by having an article nominated for a crown - this is rewarded for the highest quality and is nominated by your fellow Dooyooers.  Getting one of these is worth 1,500 points and can happen frequently if your writing is of the highest calibre. 
Dooyoo used to be more lucrative than it is now. A few years ago you could earn 500 points for every review but recently they changed the system to the tiered one they have now. I suppose it was being abused a lot and they weren't earning from certain product categories so introduced the new system. It's a shame as some things that are interesting to write about are no longer that lucrative but I can see why they did it.

Communication from the team if you have any questions is excellent and they definitely payout. I have received both cheque and Amazon vouchers and both took a couple of weeks to come through.

One real plus to this site is that they don't restrict entries to previously unpublished material so you can submit here and to other sites as well, which increases your earning potential for one review.
More will follow with subsequent posts on other sites and how you can accumulate income from one article. From Dooyoo alone though, for a review on one of their top end products that is good quality and you are a good Dooyooer, you could earn around £1.40 based on review and 40 positive rates. Depending, this could have the potential to be more too.

I highly recommend using this site if you enjoy writing and are able to string together a sentence or too of critical analysis. If you can't or are not willing, please don't bother wasting your time and ours.

Here's a link to the site should you wish to join under my referral (for which I would of course be grateful):

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  1. Very good overview of Dooyoo! I tried to find your profile on Dooyoo but I was unable to - I was going to "share the love" and check and rate out some of your reviews on there!

    Why not post a link to your actual profile on Dooyoo?