Monday, 26 November 2012

No-Minimum Site Review - There is a minimum and it will take an age to reach it! in my mind is one to be avoided. It's not that it's a scam... by all accounts it's legit and does payout. It is a ptc site like Neobux or Clixsense and if you've been following my musings on this blog then you'll probably start to get the impression I don't much like these sites... and I don't.

Here's why I don't like this one:

It's incredibly ugly to look at and very confusing to use. I can't seem to navigate my way around the site whatsoever. The tabs are located half way down the page and as you click on a link you are returned to the top of the page again, only to have to scroll down to get to where you want to.

The money is dreadful. i can't see any offers that give you more than 0.1 US cents... so that's one tenth of a cent... one thousandth of a dollar! To reach the payout threshold, which I agree is low at $1, you would need to click on 1000 ads!

It still baffles me that sites like this are in business when people like swagbucks offer so much more for watching an ad? I still don't know why people use these ptc sites but maybe someone can explain it to me? Perhaps it's the referrals they get or the territories they're available in?

I won't be recommending any until I experience myself the benefit and earning potential.

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