Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Money Saving Expert

For anyone looking to save money and if you are UK based.... this site should be your first port of call. The site is run by Martin Lewis and offers advice on money management, how to save money and make a little extra, how to do one over banks and credit card companies that try to charge you additional fees, etc...

I both love and hate this website. Most of the time, his advice is generally good.

Credit card recommendations are mostly very shrewd as are account suggestions, insurance and utility offers and all weekly special offers. If you have the time, they work and will save you money. I have got lost in his pages and have mostly found all his advice to be sound and good.

My only slight criticisms would be that sometimes his information is out of date - I don't mean his news letter which is always up-to-date but on the main site. I suppose we can't really criticize as this is apparently a non-profit exercise but it would be good if they updated more regularly. Nothing is glaringly inaccurate it's just small things like possible rewards from sites not being updated when the company changes policy. For example, slicethepie.com, the music review site, Martin still claims you can earn up to 25p per review but this is n longer the case and the maximum is 10p. It's a small quibble, I won't lose sleep over it, but though I'd mention it in case you're reading Martin.

The site can also be a little hard to navigate but only marginally.

Check it out for yourself here: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/

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