Monday, 19 November 2012

The Neobux Challenge - Day 1

I put the cat amongst the pigeons a little recently on a forum board suggesting Neobux was a waste of time and effort as after a week of furious clicking I had only earned myself a meager $0.049. It was suggested to me that the only way you can realistically make money on this site is to rent referrals... in other words, speculate to accumulate.

 So... I thought I'd give it a go and run a diary here of how my money is coming along. I am going to invest US$5.00 dollars in this scheme and see where that gets me and how quickly. My understanding of the referral practice is that for $0.60 you can rent 3 referrals for 30 days and hope that they all continue to click as frantically as you. If they don't, for a price you can ditch them... or lose your shirt... or your %5 in this instance.

Being of hesitant and careful nature, I will not be investing my full $5.00 into referrals in one go but will see how my first 3 friends get on. In the meantime, I will be frantically clicking myself recalling memories of Lost, the hatch and the numbers.

Day 1 - opening balance is $0.065

I'm paid up and about to rent my first 3 referrals..... and I've already hit a snag! Apparently I didn't click yesterday at 'server time'. Yikes! What is this? I didn't realise I have to click too? It really is going to be like Lost....

An inauspicious start. Tune in tomorrow for my first referral friends getting underway!

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  1. Haha... I reminded you in that forum that you need to click yourself too. At least 4 clicks a day!