Tuesday, 6 November 2012

pigsback.com - A Waste of Time

Pigsback.com is yet another cash back site and a ptc (paid to click) site that allows you to earn a little extra money by clicking onto other websites through theirs. I was turned onto Pigsback by money saving expert as a possible way of making a little extra money. Now, usually I trust Mr Lewis but in this instance I'm afraid his advice is a little wayward.

The site itself is fairly easy to navigate and use. It's also quite an attractive site... if you like pink and pigs! The tool bar is self explanatory and the user guide very simple to understand.

This said, they do use a rather baffling system for earning on the site. How it works is rather than a cash sum or percentage of revenue as in the case of other such sites, you get pigpoints for clicking through to websites from the pigsback website. This includes purchases, just clicking onto a website or signing up and register to sites, request brochures, enter competitions, etc... basically giving your details away. Tasks can vary from 5 pigpoints through to 100s depending on the scale of what you are doing.

It all sounds fine so far. Where this site is particularly inferior to others is with the payout threshold where the first meaningful payout is a charity donation at 1500 pigpoints then it's 3000 for a £10 Amazon voucher.

This would be all very well but unfortunately opportunities are rare with this site especially with the ptc options. These come about only a few times a week so as you can imagine, reaching the payout threshold could take some time indeed - especially as each click earns you 5 - 15 points each.

Registering to sites is more lucrative but sometimes they 'forget' to give you the points or take forever (6 weeks plus in some cases) to be credited to your account. I wasted a good few weeks on it and still didn't get to 500 points but at least I am 3 Icelandic getaway, 2 tacky clothing retailer and 2 pet plan brochures richer!

I have read that in the past it was a good money spinner but is perhaps now a victim of its own success as the market as be saturated by others doing it better. I would advise steering clear of this one and not wasting your time as it can become very frustrating.

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