Thursday 30 May 2013

SurveyMad - Loads of Virool Videos To watch

SurveyMad has loads of Virool videos to watch today and they all seem to be crediting. $0.01 per video. Easy money.

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Monday 25 March 2013 - That's A Waste Of Time!

That's Entertainment is both an online and physical high street retailer of mostly used CDs, DVDs and video games but it also sells new titles. I have only ever shopped from them online so can only comment on this. I once tried to find their Norwich store but it appeared to have closed down. They seemingly have other stores in many major cities across the UK, but not London.

That's Entertainment pride themselves on being cheap, and in this they definitely succeed as they sell cheaper than most other places on the web, and their postage is free so the price you see is the price you get. Items start in price from £1.99 upwards and their pricing seems slightly scatter-gun in approach. Alot of old Popular titles are £1.99 as you'd expect but you can usually also find more obscure items at this price that I assume they have struggled to shift.
The site itself is charmingly designed with a handmade appeal and navigation around it is straightforward with simple search options by artist, title, etc... You can also browse by genre and price bracket although for me, I have found these features to never actually work properly. There are no advance search options so you are limited to simple searches which will be enough for most people. Paying is also straight forward but is outsourced so you leave the site to do it, but seems secure - I haven't to date had any issues. In all though, the site is self explanatory and well presented and laid out.

All sounds too good to be true, right? Well it is. That's Entertainment are not short of a few flaws to say the least. Item quality is never listed but promised to be in good working condition but I have found this definition to be variable with some items in what I would regard as much poorer (e.g CDs with numerous marks - they don't effect play but are not in very good condition). Postage, although free, is very slow and there is no option for an express service - it can take up to 2 weeks for some orders to arrive. I also believe it's limited to the UK, USA, France and Germany customers. Then you have the orders that don't arrive at all only for you to discover they have been canceled due to lack of stock but no one bothered to tell you. Customer service is appalling at best. When you email to chase an order you get a generic response that barely, if at all, answers your questions. This is in addition to the above stated cancelling of orders without letting you know.
To those familiar with purchasing second hand CDs, DVDs and games online, you may have encountered the behemoth of online variable quality and service known as Zoverstocks and these experiences may sound familiar. Well, they are... and that is because Zoverstocks seemingly are in some way affiliated with That's Entertainment. In what capacity I'm not sure but would guess they're owned by the same people (who also reportedly own Musicmagpie). Either way, it explains alot about the shoddy service on offer and condition of items. These guys are all about fast turn over and good value, with little care for much else. The Ryanair of CD/DVD/Game retail if you like.

Bargains are bargains, and they have plenty here and I love a bargain... but shopping with these guys is just too frustrating and you use so much time chasing orders that never arrive. I have purchased around 20-30 CDs from That's Entertainment and about 25% of my orders have been cancelled, and on one occasion only was I notified. They claim emails have been sent but may have been caught in a junk filter, but this hasn't been the case either.

If your willing to take your chances on a bargain then fine - I've never not had a refund from them - but if it's something you want and want quickly, look elsewhere and avoid disappointment.

Tuesday 19 March 2013 Search Engine = Rubbish!

Has anyone else had problems with the search engine on It seems to work a bit, then stop working, then work again, and now it's stopped. To anyone that took my recommendation to use it, sorry. It's frankly a waste of time and effort. If they sort it out, I'll let y'all know.

Wednesday 20 February 2013 search engine faulty again

... this is getting tiresome but it seems's search engine isn't working again. It stopped, then started, but now has seemingly stopped again. I keep getting 'not verified' messages for any search I do. Boring. Might look elsewhere if it isn't resolved soon....

Neobux Challenge - Officially Given Up

I'm disappointed with myself that I've not been able to see this through, but the Neobux challenge i set has proved too frustrating and too time consuming, what with needing to remember to click everyday for no reward and all.

Conclusion: renting referrals on Neobux is a waste of time and I won't listen to anyone tell me otherwise. I've rented and recycled countless times and each one has failed to even see me break even. Don't tell me that's just bad luck and if it is, then the kinda luck on offer with this site just ain't worth having.

You won't catch me offering you a recommendation and referral link for Neobux... and I'd be wary of people that do because there simply is nothing to recommend.

Radio Silence

Sorry for the radio silence. I'm not gone... just per-occupied. People reading my site reviews praising the number of videos to watch and earn from may be a little confused of late... because they seem to have all but totally dried up on most sites. Must be the February blues. I'm sure they'll be back soon so bare with it. Slow going now but at it's peak, there are lots of opportunities.

I kindly got a mention on another blog recently so the decent thing to do would be to reciprocate. I'm not doing this out of politeness, but because it's actually a good one:

Check it out for good tips. While you're at it... I'm rather fond of these as well:

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Swagbucks/ Confirmit Survey Not Credited and Proof Not Accepted

I expect better from Swagbucks... alot better. I completed a survey through their daily survey link and the survey was with Confirmit. I dutifully completed it and got to the 'thank you' screen. Having been stung before, I took a screen grab of the thank you screen as proof. Over 48 hours later and the 70 SB had not been credited so I raised the claim with Swagbucks, sending the proof I had of having completed the survey.

Here's what they came back with:
I do apologize for the trouble and the wait while we investigated your account. The survey company is not able to find a record of your successfully completed survey. The survey company is not able to credit for surveys that are not accounted for in their records. I do apologize for the trouble.
Thank you again for contacting the Swag Bucks support team. If you have any further questions or concerns please let us know.
 I have a further question.... What? So a survey company can just deny having a record, despite the fact I have proof of completion, and that's it? Useless from Swagbucks. I feel that they themselves should at least compensate me. The survey took 30 minutes to complete and although it's not a great deal of money in the scheme of things, it's a matter of principle that a survey company can get away with it.