Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Swagbucks/ Confirmit Survey Not Credited and Proof Not Accepted

I expect better from Swagbucks... alot better. I completed a survey through their daily survey link and the survey was with Confirmit. I dutifully completed it and got to the 'thank you' screen. Having been stung before, I took a screen grab of the thank you screen as proof. Over 48 hours later and the 70 SB had not been credited so I raised the claim with Swagbucks, sending the proof I had of having completed the survey.

Here's what they came back with:
I do apologize for the trouble and the wait while we investigated your account. The survey company is not able to find a record of your successfully completed survey. The survey company is not able to credit for surveys that are not accounted for in their records. I do apologize for the trouble.
Thank you again for contacting the Swag Bucks support team. If you have any further questions or concerns please let us know.
 I have a further question.... What? So a survey company can just deny having a record, despite the fact I have proof of completion, and that's it? Useless from Swagbucks. I feel that they themselves should at least compensate me. The survey took 30 minutes to complete and although it's not a great deal of money in the scheme of things, it's a matter of principle that a survey company can get away with it.


  1. Oh man do I feel your pain. I've had quite a few surveys completed with Treasure Trooper and CashCrate and also one or two jobs at Clickworker that were of similarity where I faced the same outcome as you. It truly can be frustrating. I just really appreciate you sharing it with us... thanks much!

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