Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Quickrewards - No Minimum PayPal Payout!

There are a host of gpt and ptc sites out there and choosing the right one can be a minefield. Often, you go through months of clicking and watching to reach payout, only to find the site is a scam. It's because of this, that I tend to be drawn to those with low payout thresholds so I can cashout low and often. One such site is Quickrewards.

This is much like it's competitors in terms of what you can do - you earn points by clicking through to pages, watching videos, surveys, etc.... By completing offers, you earn Quickpoints. 100 Quickpoints = US$0.01.

The beauty of this site is that there is seemingly no minimum payout threshold for Paypal so if like me, you are suspicious of these sites, you can try to cashout with only a few cents to test it works and not waste a load of your time.

I can testify that this site works and is great. I tend to use these sites to watch videos and earn a small amount of extra cash. Quickrewards has a unique viewing platform that i haven't seen with other sites. It's rather like Swagbucks TV system but I think more lucrative. You can click through to 'How To' videos and for every 2 you watch per page you've clicked on, you earn 100 QP, equating to US$0.01. There are about 15 or so links that can be clicked hourly. It's a small earner but can run in the background while you do other things online. Each film varies in length from about 0:20 through to 7-8 mins and even some over an hour (obviously to be avoided).

There are other videos to watch, etc... to stack up your earnings but for something relatively instant, it's a good one. Payment to paypal usually happens in a day or 2. I've cashed out a few times and never experienced a problem.

N.B since writing this I see that QuickRewards have reduced the amount per how to video to only 50 points per 2 videos you watch. i.e US$0.005.

N.B.2 scrap that, some are still at $0.01 per 2 videos watched, others at the lower rate.

N.B.3 17.01.13 these how do offers don't appear to be available any longer but plenty of other great stuff on this site!

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