Friday, 28 December 2012

GPtreasure Search Engine

Just found out that GPtreasure have a rather nifty search engine and toolbar you can download. Download the toolbar and you get $0.50. Searches are $0.01 per 3 valid searches and as far as I can see there aren't any limits to how many you can do per day.

The only real downside to the search engine is that you lose the back button feature in the browser. This means to click back a page you have to use the history tab which is a pain in the..... This was using Firefox. It's only compatible with Firefox and explorer at the moment but can be used on both Mac and PC.

Remember minimum payout is only $0.01 on this site through Paypal and it's successfully paid out quite a few times. You can also watch videos, surveys, etc... and earnings rack up fairly quickly.

You can join here:

paid surveys

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