Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Neobux Challenge - SLOWING DOWN....

Uh oh.

My clickers are really slowing the pace. I'm banging in my minimum 4 per day without fail since I started this but sadly my 3 are less prolific. Stats are beginning to tell a sad story.....

Clicker 1 - last click 2012/12/06 - average 1.474
Clicker 2 - last click yesterday (THANK YOU!) - average 1.714
Clicker 3 - last click 2012/12/09 - average 1.286

I was beginning to think this might actually start to prove worthwhile around the time of my previous post and that I would be proved wrong... alas, things seem to be going the way I had expected.

Here's hoping for an upturn in fortune.

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