Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My Online Earnings Diary 12.12.12

I thought this might be fun - trying to keep a tab on what I'm actually earning each day. To start with, I'll go with a few daily updates until I get bored and then likely I'll update with weekly overall figures.

Note that all figures will be those accrued that day and the rough monetary value for points on certain sites. This doesn't take into account reaching payment thresholds so is not a take home figure each day. Payout thresholds on many sites are quite high and take a while to reach. 

The sites I use are sites I trust and that have paid out.

So... today was a slow day with not much participation from me. It mostly involved watching a few videos that ran in the background while I was doing other things.

Here's what I've made today and where and how:

Swagbucks (2 x searches and watching advert videos): 43 SB (roughly $0.43 depending on how you cashout)

Faster Rewards (watching advert videos): $0.05

Get-Paid (watching advert videos): $0.10

SurveyMad (watching advert videos): $0.07

Total: $0.65


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  2. Hi, your online earning incomediary is good and needs to improve. Swagbucks can give you 60SB if you complete just one survey.