Wednesday, 12 December 2012

RadiumOne Starbucks Survey - Not Crediting!!

Earlier today I took part in a Startbucks survey through RadiumOne via GPtreasure (aka Get-Paid). It's now been well over an hour since completing and getting to the 'thank you' completion screen but I haven't received my payment (the claim is it should be credited in 5-30 mins).

I've tried to make a claim but being the fool I am, I closed the 'thank you' page so have no proof which is required.

2 words of warning then:

1) I didn't get paid from this survey although I completed it so think twice before wasting your time on it
2) Never close the page on a completed survey and/or always take a screen grab of it incase you don't get credited and need proof.

I've not had an issue with GPtreasure before so I don't think it's their wrongdoing as it's through an external source.

Interestingly, I just tried to re-take the survey but can't because it says my answers have already been received. Why haven't I been credited then?

A little more negative press for Starbucks then...

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