Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Neobux Challenge - Day 16

I haven't updated in this whole Neobux Challenge thingy so thought I ought to! We're on day 16 now and a steady pace seems to have taken hold.

I have extended all 3 of my clickers to 150 days now and am desperately remembering to try to click myself each day. It's becoming harder than I thought but haven't missed one yet.

My averages look as follows based on a total of 84

Clicker 1: 2.154
Clicker 2: 2.000
Clicker 3: 1.500

I still can't work the maths out on this but have been told each need to maintain an average of around 1.3 I believe to break even. So... so far so good if they maintain this pace.

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