Monday, 14 January 2013

Neobux Challenge - An Update 14 Jan 2013

So... I've gone a little quiet on the Neobux challenge and here's why: I've become totally disinterested and disenchanted with the whole thing.

Here's a word of warning to anyone considering renting referrals on this site - don't bother. I wouldn't go as far as saying it's a scam because it's longevity alone would suggest that it is not. But.... you'll never make money from renting referrals and more likely will lose.

I have rented 3 referrals and have had to recycle each about 2-3 times in the 2 months I've been doing this. They always start well but slowly tail off. Each has got to an average of below 1 click per day and I have recycled them. My current set now have the following averages:

Clicker 1: 1.600
Clicker 2: 1.464
Clicker 3: 1.071

Remember you need an average of roughly 1.3 to break even. Not 1 of my clickers has been constantly active and bear in mind I've now been through about 8-10 different people. The pattern for each has been the same - a steady decline. There is a strongly held belief that Neobux use bots rather than actually people for their rented referrals and the pattern of development for each of these would suggest this to be true.

I've started so I'll finish. I'm going to see this through but I would strongly recommend not making the same mistake (granted I've done this as an experiment) and avoiding rented referrals... unless anyone can provide me with PROOF that it is actually financially beneficial.


  1. I joined Neobux eons ago. Left it, then went back a about two years ago. Tried the rent-referral thing and just about broke even. Left again and left for good.

    You're right. Neobux isn't a scam. It's been around for a while. But, well, I don't really do PTCs anymore and Neobux slipped down my list some time ago.

  2. Thanks. Took a look at your blog - very entertaining. Always enjoyable to read a blog on this subject that isn't just trying to palm off as many referral links as possible with no analysis or comment on the site.

  3. Thanks for the compliment :).

    Take care...

  4. PTC with Neobux reputation, has been confirmed for over 4 years, so I do not need to discuss.
    Basic Information:
    Ads Per Day:> 20 Ads
    Each Ads: 0001 $ / Ad ($ 0.01 / Ad for Golden)
    Direct Ref click: $ 0.0005 / Ad ($ 0005 / Ad for Golden)
    Rent Ref click: $ 0.0005 / Ads ($ 0.01 / Ad for Golden)
    Also each one Ad you will have 3 turns Adprize (back lottery) have the opportunity to receive:
    - Golden Member (1 year)
    - $ 0.25, $ 0.5, $ 1, $ 5, $ 10, $ 25, $ 50 in your account
    - 10, 100, 1000, 10000 Neopoint account (used to recycle ref)
    Now i need some of Ref direct, with criteria mutually beneficial so I will RB reasonable for you to do your ref to mutual benefit.
    Registration Link:
    NeoBux: The Innovation in Paid-to-Click Services
    Make sure you clear cookies before registering. And remember to register 1 acc in neobux, not daydreaming will hack multi acc in neobux offline.
    If it asks reffer fill: nancytuff
    RB mode:
    - RB 60 percent ($ 0003 / Ad) they have up Golden by Golden always.
    - Every day you have 4 ads in yellow. I'll RB later when you click 40 Ads yellow ($ 0.12)
    - Monthly ref click and more: bonus 0.5 $
    - Bonus $ 0.1 Once registered, paid accrued in the first RB.
    - Ref do not click after four days I will remove.
    Any job needs patience to succeed. Hope will be long-term cooperation with others.

    Who registration, please leave your information:
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