Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Neobux Challenge - Officially Given Up

I'm disappointed with myself that I've not been able to see this through, but the Neobux challenge i set has proved too frustrating and too time consuming, what with needing to remember to click everyday for no reward and all.

Conclusion: renting referrals on Neobux is a waste of time and I won't listen to anyone tell me otherwise. I've rented and recycled countless times and each one has failed to even see me break even. Don't tell me that's just bad luck and if it is, then the kinda luck on offer with this site just ain't worth having.

You won't catch me offering you a recommendation and referral link for Neobux... and I'd be wary of people that do because there simply is nothing to recommend.


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  2. I just about broke even when I rented refs on Neobux, and that was years ago. It doesn't look like much has changed since then.

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