Monday 26 November 2012

Ciao Review

Read my review on Dooyoo to get the basics of how these sites work.

Ciao is a review writing site that works much the same way as Dooyoo with the exception that you do not get paid a flat fee for each review you write, only per rating received from fellow Ciao members. This means that earning really hinges on the quality of your writing and also being an active part of the Ciao community in terms of reading and rating other people's reviews.

I find the products on the database for review are very similar to Dooyoo but that Ciao's policy for accepting new products to review is more open and they tend to be approved the following day. Dooyoo limit what categories you can suggest products in and it sometimes takes a week for approval.

The rating system is also very similar in both sites. On ciao you can rate a review from not helpful through to exceptional. Rating in the latter category means that a review can be eligible for the premium fund. This is a lump sum that is shared between what Ciao deem to be the best reviews of the month - the top prize earning an additional £15 with a sliding scale down to £2. Those that consistently write quality and are known for it can often earn well through this as well as their other rating earnings.

Earnings per rating are based on the product category you are writing in rather than the ratings you receive although reviews have to have an average of 'helpful' in order to earn. Top earning products such as electricals earn 2p per positive rating. Many other items are valued at 1p and 1/2p. Bear in mind that on this site there are also a number of products that earn nothing at all unless nominated for the premium fund.

How much a product can earn is denoted by the number of ££ next to the product title. £££ = 2p, ££ = 1p & £ = 0.5p. If the product has no £ then it won't pay anything unless nominated for the premium fund.
Obviously the surface, ciao isn't as lucrative as Dooyoo but it's well worth joining as they accept previously published content meaning that a review you've written for Dooyoo can also be posted hereto increase its earning potential. If it's well written and you are good at reading and rating other people's reviews, without the premium fund, you can usually amass an additional 50p- £1 from this site for high ranking product reviews.

Ciao also have a monthly bonus for certain product categories e.g health and beauty - this can range from a further 20p - 50p per review so it's also worth looking out for this in the news section on their site and trying to write about those products in that month.

Another bonus not on Dooyoo is double earnings for the first month on products that you are the first to write the review on. This also applies to new products you suggest so it's worthwhile suggesting new products to the site.

With each of these earning streams and that payment is based on members directly and not the lottery of ad sense revenue, this site acts as a reliable and steady earning stream, especially when combined with Dooyoo. It's been around and paying for years so definitely a legit and reliable site.

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