Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Neobux Challenge - Day 2

Okey dokey. Day 2 commenced and I was able to purchase my 3 rented referrals for a period of 30 days at a total value of $0.60.

And now... let the clicking commence!

I think my guys have opted more for the tortoise approach rather than the hare. In the first 24 hours of activity, between them they have amassed a mighty 4 clicks! That has all come from one individual. The remaining 2 are idly sitting by waiting for me to lose money. I'll give them another 2 days and if still nothing, they're for the chop!

Me on the other hand, I can't get enough of the clicking! It's become something of an obsession. I'm now logging in hourly and clicking wherever possible with the conviction of an addict (which I hope I'm not becoming, as to some, this whole process could easily be construed as gambling... because it basically is).

I'm hoping day 3 will produce an upsurge in clicking from my 3 amigos... but I'm not holding my breath.

Current balance without referrals has lept to an impressive $0.225. Who needs these guys? I'm gonna make a million on my own at this rate!

Tune in tomorrow for more enthralling excitement.

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