Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Neobux Challenge - Day 3

I've doubled my clicks! I now have a total of 8 from my rented referrals after 2 days. That's the 4 from yesterday from ref 1 (who's been lazy today and had no clicks) and 4 from ref 2 from today (who was lazy yesterday and didn't fancy a single click). I imagine both have plenty of referrals and are doing their minimum 4 clicks... or it's a scam and a robot is doing the minimum so I don't recycle them. The third is still not playing ball... and is going to be recycled today! Still nowhere near breaking even after 2 days though. I wish I had me as one of my referrals, because I'm still clicking like a madman. Someone out there is very lucky indeed and will be profiting heavily from my index finger! Hopefully tomorrow will yield more profitable clicking!

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